6 December 2012

Maldives Energy Programme

As I watch the Maldives turn from climate poster child towards a dysfunctional fundamentalist pariah I started to wonder whether any of the work done there might be useful for any other island state, or even country with isolated grids that are effectively islands.

To that end I decided to put up on this site the report that was done as preparation for the World Bank managed SREP programme.

The report contains references to a range of ancillary material – spreadsheets, studies, and reports.  These were not prepared for public consumption, so to be useful each will need more interpretation and explanation. However they are all available if anyone wants to ask for them or discuss them.

The material is in the public domain, and either available on other sites or has been used in public speeches and meetings – so there is no danger of anyone claiming the information is either confidential or proprietary.

I hope it can be useful to someone else.

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