1 September 2012

Welcome to my site on climate change issues – working towards a better future

After almost 20 years working on climate change issues, it seems to me that we have achieved all too little, and have lost much of the momentum that we seemed to build only a few years ago.

This seems both strange and sad; sad because with each passing year and each passing report the dangers of climate change become more and more evident; strange because we actually have a better range of solutions available to us today than we have ever had before. We truly have the solutions in our grasp – if only we are prepared to recognise them and drive them to their maximum potential.

Even economics is, for once, on our side. Oil is expensive and increasingly politically challenging; solar and wind are getting cheaper; new safe nuclear technologies are lurking in the wings; battery technology is poised for a huge revolution; and there are even cost effective answers to CCS using gas.

No-one, I believe, wakes up in the morning thinking they’d like to destroy the only planet they’ve got. Nor does anyone, I believe, think there’s zero risk of climate catastrophe. The only real questions are “How big is the risk?” and “How much will it cost to reduce it?”

This blog is, I hope, going to provide an antidote to despair on climate. I aim to cover technologies and projects, large and small, that offer us a climate safe and economically affordable future. Hopefully enough of these will appeal even to the climate deniers as ‘no lose’ options, and so help shift the debate from its current polarised state to one of simply choosing options.

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